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Yes, the movie was all sorts of awesome. Joss did a great, Joss-like job of the whole shebang. What I like about his writing/directing is that he's so good at group conflics and dynamics (Firefly, anyone?). He took the mish-mash of egotistical superheroes and mixed them up beautifully. Mom, I want to take you for Mother's Day. Or is that weird? May the Munchkin and I take you for Mother's Day? Maybe we can drag warnerharmer along too. But she'll have to see Thor and Captain America first.

Oh, and happy Cinco de Mayo. I'm staying far away from Mexican restaurants today out of fear for all those gringos pretending they know what the day signifies. (No, it's not the Mexican version of the Fourth of July.) The Munchkin and I have decided to celebrate Ocho de Mayo instead.

On the fire for today: Dover Saddlery's tent sale, Beaver Spring, and then ADF for pre-show clipping. We've got another Kel-Mac show next weekend. And I want to get up to TN for the Renn Faire .... Witchcat and Ary, am I still invited for Memorial Day weekend? Pleeeeeease? I'll trade; you let me stay with you over Memorial Day weekend and I'll take you to see Avengers ....

I just found out that instead of the 15-month lease I thought I signed to get the special discount, the company only thinks I have a 13-month lease, which means I have until the end of June to find a place to live. PANIC.

All right .... off we go ....
Happy (belated) birthday to meeeeee ......

witchcat07, arymetore, and tiggertailz are coming to visit this weekend! They're going to stay with nuit23 and tomorrow we're going with Mom to the Renn Faire!

I'm very excited .... I didn't get to ANY Renaissance festival at ALL last year. Gimme that turkey leg!!

In other news, had dinner with the Ex the other night. It was very civil - almost friendly. I think I might have this Divorce Thing figured out at last ....
Hey .... tomorrow's my birthday! I nearly forgot 'til I wrote a batch number down for today and realized it was the eleventh. Hm. Maybe I should buy myself flowers for my cube or something.

I just found out that an old friend, the husband of my "transitional adult" (you know, that adult of the same gender that is the first one to ask you, as a preteen, to call them by their first name, and treats you as an individual and not just "some little kid", that's a "transitional adult"), died unexpectedly last year. He and JA lived in the house three doors down from me when I was growing up. I babysat their girls. Apparently he fell backwards, hit his head, went into a coma, and just ... died. I'm trying to figure out what to write on the sympathy card. Words fail me.

Anyway..... back to work. *sigh*
It's so quiet ....

After the craziness of Monthly Close last week, it's eerie! And Ry isn't here, and Kay's last day was Friday (anyone want a cushy office AR job?), and it's very, very quiet ....

Kel-Mac this weekend, yay! It'll be fun to go somewhere new.

And I've put out an inquiry to a real estate agent about a house that's in foreclosure .... hopefully I'll hear from her soon so we can arrange to go see it. Built in 1890, heart of pine floors, masonry fireplaces .... whaddaya wanna bet it's haunted!

Okay, I guess I'd better get back to work ...

So.... quiet ....

Dallas Tornadoes

You okay, NiRi? :-(

Mar. 25th, 2012

And the Predators win!!!

It was an AWESOME game. They had just come off a two-game losing streak (allowed eleven goals total - ouch!) but the Preds really pulled it off. I screamed myself hoarse! And Ree and her friends are putting together a documentary about hockey fans, and were collecting videos, and I was tapped to do some of the interviews. Fun stuff! You guys know me; I can pull up a stump and talk to a hole in the ground, so engaging them in conversation was simple. And let's face it, it doesn't take much to get a hockey fan talking pucks - especially Canadian ones.

And we handed Winnipeg their butts on a platter, too. Wow. LOVED it. I need to do this more often.

Ree took me down Broadway in Nashville after the game, and it was PACKED with hockey fans, soccer fans, tourists, musicians, wannabees, locals, and trolls. And, at one rather bizarre point of the evening, a full-size Tyrannosaurus skeleton with a red cowboy hat, being "walked" down by the symphony hall by a group of people. (Talk about trippy.) Then we went to the Sunset Grill for late-night tapas and dessert - Ree had pot de creme au chocolat and I had an absolutely inspired creme brulee. Then we talked hockey and Renn Faires and history and ghosts and family and Art Deco until about one ...

All in all, a truly fabulous evening. And this morning, we're hooking up with witchcat07 and arymetore! Woot! I wanna live in Nashville!
So quiet in here today ...

Had a lovely birthday meal with nuit23 last night, though. Prime rib and fresh horseradish .... mmmmmm .....

I'll leave for Nashville tomorrow morning and give you guys a call, 'k?
Thursday ... almost as good as Friday.

FINALLY put together my stationary bike! (As opposed to a stationery bike, on which you write thank-you notes.) It took me about 45 minutes .... I was a little intimidated by all the parts, bolts, computer wires and tension wires, but I followed the (poorly written and incomplete) instructions and DID it. Then I sat and exercised while I watched Doctor Who. It's going to give me a good workout - maybe help me melt off these extra pounds I've put on the past six months.

It's official - the Munchkin and Mothersh*t are over. I'm glad, she's very low. But I'm trying to keep her busy by leaving lists for her to accomplish before I get home from work. One of her tasks for today is dusting. I HATE DUSTING!

For tonight: HAPPY BIRTHDAY nuit23 Dinner and a movie. I has a coupon. See how self-serving I am? Steak and Hunger Games. Ironically.

Okay. Time to get something done!
My health insurance will kick in the first of June. I get health, AND dental, AND vision, AND a 401k, AND life insurance!!! I'm very happy about that.

They took me out to lunch at Truffles yesterday to celebrate me being part of a team. I had seared Ahi tuna over napa cabbage with (are you listening, warnerharmer? crushed Ramen noodles and almonds! It was just like your napa/bok choi salad! If we substitute the Ramen for just crunchy nuts and shredded carrot, it would be a great low carb meal for summer.

It's so odd, working someplace where people know what they're doing, do it well, do it proudly, and treat each other well. Says a lot of things about my former positions, doesn't it?

I'm getting tired of the Munchkin's friends always dumping on her. They have a crisis, and all of a sudden it's Drama City, and she's dragged into the middle of it. It's stressing her out and she doesn't need it. She's brittle enough - she can't handle her own problems; what makes them think she can handle theirs? I'll be so glad when we can get away from them!

On the fire for today: Barn, dropping boxes off at Mom and Dad's attic, watching last night's "Grimm," and asking arymetore and witchcat07 if I can crash at their place next weekend when I come up to see the Preds/Thrashers game!

EDIT:Oh yeah, Happy St. Patrick's Day. Woot. *throws confetti*
It's sunny. Good thing, too. I disapprove of Daylight Savings Time on general principle. If I had to lose an hour of my Sunday, at least I got sunshine to soften the blow.

On the fire for today: Get cars washed, vacuum, dust. Continue to try to unload the sofa. WHY doesn't anyone want it?!

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